What does my dancer need to wear for classes?

How long the dance season run?

Our Dance season begins August 26th and will run until June 2020

What do I do if we have to miss a class?

If your dancer has missed a class, they are able to attend any make up class as long as it is the same level as their current class. Please inform the instructor upon entering that they are making up a class and the date the dancer missed a class.

Where can we order new leotards, dance shoes & tights?


If you need to purchase new dance apparel you may do so at our Elite Store located in our dance studio.  Our Store hours are Monday-Friday from 4-7pm.  

Will there be a Recital?

Yes! Our dancers will begin learning their recital pieces in January 2020 and will perform their dances in June of 2020.  

What are the best ways to follow all of the events happening at Elite Academy of Dance?

- Our Elite Academy of Dance Homepage

-Elite Academy of Dance Band App. Click on the link below to Download


- Elite Academy of Dance Facebook and Instagram page

- Our Communication board (wall once you enter into the studio)